Algo-ML EA Design using entirely new trading method combining with correlation of currency pairs 

EA using dynamic entry point base on Rubber Band Theory . There will be Higher number of trades from this EA .

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What is Algo ML EA


 We all know market move in different directions. it can be trend  Range or some times as a channel. in automation or in manual trading when we use indicators we all know indicators lag. there are many kind of traders. some traders trade following the trend. and some do counter trend. and some traders catch pull back on a major trend. But as all you have experience these all system strategy work only for some market conditions only. This is why Most traders fail .when you follow a trend and when you get in to end of the trend. you stop out. when 3-4 trades get stop out even experience traders get emotional some times and loose there accounts. 


This also happen when trades start working on your favor then we get more confidence with out lot sizes and until last trades stop out with 20-30% of the account


We are dealing with extreme hard market. and the biggest enemy  to win the market is our  Physiology  .


This is why we create Algo ML EA. If you stick with lagging indicator which make you enter the market too late. if you counter trend trader you will be entering the market too early. Algo Ml can avoid these things clearly. as it uses momentum price action and volatility of the market. you know each pair acting differently. if you stick to same pip amount for your MM you will be loosing money because of these differences of the pairs. 


And other Biggest barrier of the trading currency is correlation you can getting to same range of pairs with same side making your loos making even bigger. this is why we use advanced market correlation filter which we build using unic algorithm to see all currency when EA taking a trade. which giving more opportunities with less risk 


So EA enter the market. use it inbuilt knowledge determine to select the best pair at the time. and add positions base on the market and price action with momentum . we are using rubber band strategy to make sure its a pull back or trend reversal. 


Algo ML is not another EA. there are lot of information it can process . its Artificial intelligent application which bring the trading to Next level

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