AlgoAi Copy Trading

What is AlgoAi​ ​​​

AlgoAi is a Manual strategy which we analyse the market using special algorithms we develop to  get in and get out from the market . Each trade uses fixed stop loss and take profit . Every trade we placed closed withing same day. that mean trade duration is less than 24 hours


Is it Martingale

No . Only fixed take profit and stop loss for each trade


How much is the service cost

We offer one month free service (Conditions Apply)


What is the Recommended VPS

This is the VPS we recommended Run the Algo AI copier or any EA its 4.99$ per month with 8GB Ram

What are the conditions to get the free service 

     Currently we offer free copy trading service for Exiting Algo members only . And you need to have an ICmarket Account under our partner ID Number  you can register with the IC market using above link if you does not have an IC market account yet


If you already have an ICMarket account you can contact there chat service and ask them to put you under the partner ID 29248

When you do that we will get the notification regarding your registration. Then you contact us to start your copy trading 


What are the other requirement 

In order to Connect your account with copier you need to have account with and after you register with the fxblue you need to download the Receiver EA . then you send us your Bxblue User ID and we connect you to our Copier service 

Minimum Deposit 

Minimum Deposit 300$ 

Lavrage 1 : 500

Account Type : Raw spread account

Trading Currency : We trade all currencies including Gold


If you have more questions you can contact us through the Email or Telegram using the contact page ​

Why we Introduced Algo Ai Trade Copier Service

As a Human there is different ways Our Brain Works This is the reason behind why most of the time Manual trading fails on some stages

    Example, As a trader you find a good strategy and start following that with Good focus and following each rule perfectly and you are making good profit. Suddenly you get too comfortable. and increase the lot size for the trades. then first trade closed with profit 2nd trade loss and 3rd trade loss. this is your brain tricks you providing emotion. loss make you feel disappointed and 4th trade you place with good confidence and trade start to go wrong way. you did place the stop loss correctly but when you see price move against you start moving your stop loss future away. and this is the running point of wiping out the account. now your whole week profit was gone with this trade floating loss and after few time move the stop loss you decided to remove SL and let the trade run free thinking price will turn on some point . And depend with the momentum withing hours or days watching that trade we all know how many account wipe out that way. this is story common to most of the trades . this happen to us even from the beginning. there were many blown accounts . as a trader any one face this situation. and this is why most of traders searching for good strategies. but problem is not on the strategy . its the physiology we face through our brain .we get emotion as a human and we get angry as a humans

So are there a Answer for this . how to prevent involving emotion to our tradesAnswer is Yes. This is how we create AlgoAI Strategy . How this work. You know to analyse the market it need to involves human Brain. Which mean we analyse the market and trade opportunists with our years of Experience and using Algorithm we created to identify market patterns. Once we Place the trades. there is a special AI we build to manege the trade from there Placing SL TP and Handle the trades from the entry to closing. So As you can see we are not involving the trade after we take the entry. which mean there is no emotional human handling the trade after the entry.

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