Setting Up Instruction For AlgoAI 

Go to and Download the receiver EA under the trade mirror section 

What is the Recommended VPS

This is the VPS we recommended Run the Algo AI copier or any EA its 4.99$ per month with 8GB Ram

Install the Receiver EA to your Meta trader account which you use for the AlgoAi  copy trading 


Open One chart and Attach the EA to that chart 

Make sure you Tick on Allow live trading and  Allow Dll Import

Channel : algoai

Message Server : FX Blue Main Hub (Europe)

Fixed Lot size : 0.01

these are the only parameters you need to change 

Please Find the screen shot of the set file below 

If you trade with Higher Balance contact us to get the correct lot size for the EA. Impotent to follow the correct Money management . All the trades taken by the EA will close withing same day. if you get any issue please contact us . some times you will get message regarding the closing position error you not need to worrk abut that as Reciver EA will be close that order in next hart beat. 

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