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OBV Trading Strategy

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

In Our OBV trading Strategy we use the indicator to find the weak hand of trend pull back

Now you can free download Algo trading OBV indicator here

Required Indicators

  • On Balance Volume indicator

  • Weighted Moving Average

How to Apply to chart

First Add the Moving average to main chart

Period -246 ,

MA method - Linear Weighted

Add On Balance Volume indicator as separate window and input should be apply to close

drag Moving average indicator to OBV indicator window in input settings set the input as below

Period : 246

MA method : Linear Weighted

Apply to : Previous indicator's Data

select any color you like

Time Frame : 15 minute

Long Entry Rules

246-period WMA of price is sloping up

246-period WMA of OBV is Sloping up

slope of price WMA turns negative but slope of OBV WMA stays positive

Go long When Price WMA turn positive again

Short Entry Rules

246-period WMA of price is sloping down

246-period WMA of OBV is Sloping down

slope of price WMA turns postive but slope of OBV WMA stays negative

Go short when Price WMA turn negative again

Exit Stratergy

Exit from the trade you can use Fixed SL &TP with fixed pip amount risk reword ratio should be minimum 1:1 or higher if you can use 1:5 or above you will have Good profit ratio

other exit method is you can use recent high or low for the SL and place when trade getting profit over 10 pip set SL to break even and you can trail the trade with every 20 pip or close the trade when obv cross the WMA

Getting Help of our Currency strength and correlation indicator for maximize wining trade and avoid pairs has no power

When you use algo csc Indicator you don't need to monitor all pairs.indicator will tell you which pairs to select and trade

To get the AlgoCSC Indicator click here

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