Currency Strength Correlation Indicator

Algo CSC Indicator 

Algo CSC Indicator

Algo CSC Indicator

This Indicator we created using Special algorithm. it can find correlation alone with the strength of certain Currencies. With this indicator you can avoid getting trap in to range pairs which has no correlation and no Strength to full fill your trades

You can use this indicator with any strategy you are using for the trading. it will do all the math and tell you which pairs to trade on that period of time 

How to get the Indicator 

You can get the indicator for your self which work under any mt4 under your name 

One time payment 60$

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What You can do with Algo CSC Indicator

  • You can use with any trading system you are currently trading on

  • This will shows you which pairs to trade

  • Easy to Understand

  • Indicator will shows you correlation power and currency strength on all time frame

  • it will finalize the value and let you know the pair names

  • as you are selecting highly correlated pairs when you make an entry your waiting time be very less to hit the target 

Over 20% Gain Per Month

We selected the best avaible oppotunities for the entries which bring higher profit ratio

Fixed TP & SL

Each trade has fixed Take profit and stop loss 

before we enter the market we finalized everything with our speical alorythems

Correlation & Strength

Our system calculate market correlation with the currency strength we only selected pairs according to this algo for a trading day

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