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Algo SMC Dashboard Indicator MT4

Probably the only indicator required to trade  with the Smart money

Algo SMC Indicator.png

This all in one indicator provide real time  important key point. Indicator come with built in  features like Order Block Trading , Fair gap value Change of Character and many other alone with Multi Timeframe Analyst Dashboard 

Smart Money Concept is widely using by Price action traders. as with perfect algorithm they can more accurately pin point   Liquidity areas where the perfect entries can be made. using SMC Strategy traders can find entries with very High  return rate with Lowest Risk 

With Our Dashboard Algorithm even beginner can use Smart money concept to trade any kind of Market 

We have Simplified the SMC concept with our indicator 


  • Bulish & Bearish Order Block in real time 

  • BOS - Break of Structure 

  • CHOCH - Change of Character 

  • Internal  and Swing Market structure 

  • Multi Time Frame Analyst Dashboard From 1 Minute  to Daily

    • Trend

    • Trend Power

    • Momentum

    • Volatility

    • Volume​

  • Equal High and Equal low

  • Fair Gap Value

  • Daily / Weekly high Low

  • Premium zones

  • Strong High /Low​​

BOS - Break Of Structure 

Price break through a higher high in a uptrend or break through a lower low in a down trend 
(Trend Continueation)

CHOCH - Change of Character

Price break through a Higher low in a uptrend or Break through  Lower High in a down trend
(Potential trend reversal)


Algo SMC Dashboard.png

This dashboard Analyse overall market structure at current moment  using 6 different major time frames. We will select trading pairs using this analyse. SMC Dashboard calculate
Volatility ,
Volume ,
trend and trend power
using special algorithms and price actions 

Before check anything else we must confirm that Momentum , Volatility and Volume is bearish or bullish minimum 4 time frames within 5 minute to Daily. 

When you have that confirmation then you will be look for


Price retest of an order block 

Price move  50% of Fair Gap Value
Break through BOS or Change of Character 

Entry Example

There are number of ways to take entries using Algo SMC indicator. Here you can see how to take Short trade with tight stop loss and greater reward ratio. Once you have 4 time frames Align through the Dashboard you can take entries using Smart Money Concept strategies.

Our Services

Free Limited


You Can get the indicator free of charge  with limited Functions. 

Functions Available on Free Indicator 

  • Order Block

  • BOS(Break of structure )

You will need to create an live account under Our IB

Submit the Account Number and Email Below

If you already have an IC market Account you can Contact them and Ask to Place your account under our Partner ID = 29248
Once you successfully registered submit the Details through the  form below  

Submit Details

Submit the Account Number you Registered Under Our IB. Indicator will be activated to this Account Number


Thanks for submitting!

Complete version with All Functions

You will get the fully functional indicator with All the features Activated.

One time activation only.
There is no Expiry.
Indicator will be Activate Under Traders name.
You can use on Any account under your name.
Life time Support and Free Updates

One Time Activation Fee

Support Payment Options

Submit Payment

you will receive the indicator to your registered email within 1 hours 

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