New York Office

Algo Ai Trading Robot

Our advanced forex robot placing and managing all trades base on current market conditions.

AI system handle 100% trade with an effective risk management system 

  • Automatically placing trade base on current currency correlation and strength data 

  • Pattern analyst looking back Up to  90 days to check  currency pair behavior

  • Fixed Take profit and Stop loss

  • Risk 1% from the account balance per trade

  • Does not use more than 3% from the margin

  • No Hedge - No Martingale - No grid

  • Robot Design to Trade  Any Currencies and Index including gold

Minimum Account Balance - 10000$


How To Buy the Algorithm For own Trading

  • If you want to Run our Algorithm on your own accounts by your self  after testing the System 

  • One time Price 3199$ -(No Refund accepted this is a digital product)

  • The software will be License under the Clients Name

  • You will also get our currency strength correlation Algorithm alone with the EA

  • For More Details, you can request details through the contact us page